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Many people feel that learning only occurs in a classroom, and that once they left school, they no longer had to deliberately learn. That attitude is, slowly, changing. In today's world, more and more people are realizing that learning is a life-long endeavor, particularly if one wants to improve their life. Learning is an ongoing process, part of life.

Learning is a necessary component of improvement; if we want to improve, we must learn. So, if we want to improve, if we want a better life, if we want to leave our children better off than we are, we need to learn. You cannot effectively make things better unless you know more than what you knew earlier.

The key word here is "effectively". Learning can occur without conscious direction, but such learning is slow, limited, and full of mistakes. Since learning is necessary for improvement, why not learn effectively? Why not learn quickly, without the waste of unconscious learning?

This site is dedicated to learning the most effective way possible. Learning is more effective when it is consciously controlled, when key steps are done by choice. That may involve classrooms, home study, or learning while doing. But if we think about learning while we are working, we will learn better. And that is something worth striving for.

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